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Sightseeing tours about Ekaterinburg

Dear tourists, why it is better to explore Ekaterinburg with us?

  • Guides are professional historians with a healthy sense of humour;
  • Every excursion includes the best places of visiting;
  • Prices are very friendly.

Ekaterinburg city tour, 3 hours

During the city tour you will see the major attractions of Ekaterinburg. On the Historical square you can see the oldest architectural monument in Ekaterinburg today – the Dam, which was built  with the city in 1723. On the Labor Square it is the St.Ekatherina’s Chapel, built on the place of the first church of the city and the monument to the city founders Vasily Tatishchev and Georg Wilhelm de Hennin.On the shore of the city pond the most beautiful old house in the city is placed, it is called Sevostyanov’s house. Today it is  the part of the governor's residence.

the mayors office Sevostynov house

On the 1905 year’s square, the main square of  Ekaterinburg, you can admire the  building of the city Council, constructed in the Stalin neo-classical style.
During the tour you can admire Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since the Soviet period it has been considered to be one of the best theatres in the country. 
At the end of  the excursion you can visit the observation deck of the skyscraper Vysotski (54 floors,188 meters). Wonderful views of the city and the Ural Mountains are opened from the building. 

Cost in rubles per group /

number of tourists

1-2  3-5 6-17 18-32 33-45
Sightseeing walking tour


Sightseeing tour with transport


5400 7900 9200 11500
Excursion to the Border of Europe and Asia, 4 hours
This excursion includes the major city attractions including the Border of Europe and Asia. You will have an opportunity to step by one leg in Europe, by another - in Asia.
During the tour you will learn why the Ural mountains became the border between the two parts of the world.
All the tourists will be awarded with Certificates of crossing the Border Europe – Asia.

Number of tourists/

сost in rubles per group


1-2  3-5 6-17 18-32 33-45
Sightseeing tour with transport


8300 10300 12000 14600
Tour “Ekaterinburg and the Last Russian Tzar”, 4 hours

It is the historical sightseeing tour concerning the Romanov dynasty, the tragical death of the last Russian Tzar. You will visit the places of execution and burial of the royal family. First you will visit Church-on-the-Blood built on the very place of Romanov’s assassination. In the museum located right next to the Church you will be able to plunge into the life of Romanov family by watching photos and learning the documents.

 church Nikolas II Ганина яма Храм Сергея Радонежского

After that you will visit Ganina Yama - Monastery in a picturesque wood - Holy burial place & seven nice churches made of wood according to Russian Orthodox tradition. This Monastery was built on the place where the remains presumably of the Romanov family in a secret grave were found.

Number of tourists/

сost in rubles per group


1-2  3-6 7-17 18-32 33-45
Sightseeing tour with transport


8300 10300 12000 14600

Additional entery payment to monastery - 100 rubles per person.

Full day tours

Ekaterinburg City Tour, full day.

9.00 - 12.00 City tour (historical square, the Church on the Blood of St. Martyrs the Romanovs, The Novo-Tikhvinsky Convent, monument to the city founders Vasily Tatischev and Wilhelm de Genin, Yeltsin Center, Square of 1905, October Square, Ural Federal University)



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