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How to get a Russian visa

Where to apply for a Russian visa. Dear foreign tourists, You can apply for Russian visa to a Russian Consulate in the countries of your citizenship. It is a basic rule. However US and EU citizens can obtain a Russian visa in the third countries, if they confirm their permanent status in these countries: long-term visas or work permission. 
Visa documents. Be sure that You have all of the documents below:

  1. An invitation from Russia;
  2. A valid passport with at least one blank page (for a visa), the expiration date should be not earlier than 6 months after the visa valid;
  3. A visa application form filled in writing;
  4. 3 passport-size photos;
  5. An insurance drawn up by the company authorized by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs : ROSNO, Ingosstrakh and others;
  6. An HIV test (for multiple visas).

This list of these documents is the principal one but not exhaustive. The Russian Consulate has the right to require some additional documents concerning the personality of a foreigner or / and the purpose of a trip to Russia.
It can be: foreign tourist' incomes certificate, guarantee letter and constituent documents of an inviting Russian company, hotel reservation, etc.

Purpose of a visit Validity of a visa Number of entries
Business: participation in negotiatons, exibitions, round tables, etc. Up to 1 year Single/Double/Multiple
Guest: visit to relatives and friends. Up to 3 months Single/Double
Tourist: any kind of tourism (including business one). Up to 30 days Single/Double