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Individual Ural tours

Weekend tours from Ekaterinburg

C. Aramashevo and cheese factory in the town of Dir "Regano" tasting 10 varieties of cheese

Discover the rural life of the village Aramashevo! You will take part in a real village feast. Want to plunge into the atmosphere of Russian folk festivals?

Depending upon the season residents note: the Feast of Russian valenok, Shrove Tuesday, Celebration of the Russian lark, preparing for Easter, the holiday of Ivan Kupala, the program "Saved on the Museum mood" Oseniny.
A nice addition to the program will be a tour of the cheese factory with cheese tasting. Cheese is made from high-quality farm milk. After the tour, all the cheeses you can buy.                       

A gastronomic tour of sturgeon farm and a brewery with tasting

If Your company colleagues or friends wants to get away for the weekend, so it was interesting and tasty, and the usual cafe tired, then this tour is a great option. Can see and taste the rare species of Royal fish, the sturgeon, and will be able to buy it in a gift box as a souvenir for loved ones at reasonable prices. Will continue this culinary journey in the brewery with tasting of 4 Beers. You will see in detail all the stages of production of this drink. We Are Waiting For You!


Berezovsky - the birthplace of Russian gold (12 km from Yekaterinburg, 5-6 hours)

As mined the ore and placer gold in the Urals? Suggest you walk down to the old production of the XIX century in the city of Berezovsky. Connoisseurs will tell you about all the stages of production of the precious metal.

To hold minerals and rocks, from which is extracted our of the Ural gold. Pushing the mine trolley mining, to yourself to feel the brunt of the extraction of gold ores. The tour will be for you a very interesting experience.

The adventure guides will tell about the mysteries and legends associated with gold mining.



Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Museum "Battle glory of the Urals"

The history of the Museum of military equipment began in 2005. when we celebrated the 60th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war. In a solemn ceremony in front of the old point of JSC "Uralelectromed" was opened the reconstructed memorial complex devoted to memory of veterans of the workers who died fighting for their country.

The basis of the Museum's collection – tech 1930-1940's, but in recent years it has become more post-war military vehicles. It is important to preserve the memory not only of the great Patriotic war, and the events of the last decades. We have no right to forget those who participated in local wars and conflicts of the second half of XX – beginning of XXI centuries, until the end of performing their military duty.



Verkhoturye - the spiritual capital of the Urals (300 km from Yekaterinburg, 18 hours)

You have a unique opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities on the Eastern slope of the Urals (306 km North of Yekaterinburg), which holds a special place in the history of the region and the country. Verkhoturye is rightly called the Patriarch of the Ural cities. He arose at the end of the XVI century as a stronghold of Russian colonization of the Urals and Siberia and then acquired significant state status and became known as "the GATE of SIBERIA".Unique originality of the fate of this city is that of the transit and transport hub Verkhoturye over time turned into most important cultural and religious center of the Russian state, which is to this day. And it happened through the Holy righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye, the places which we invite You to proceed.



Visim. The Museum Of D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak. Deer farm

We invite you to the ancient village Visim, birthplace of the writer D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak. In the Museum you will learn about the childhood of the writer, tells of the appearance in the eighteenth century Visimo-Shaitan iron smelting and iron making plant. On the way to Hang you can admire the wonderful mountain scenery, which opens from the Windows of the bus. The height of the mountains in this part of the Middle Urals reaches 600 - 700 meters.During the excursion to the reindeer farm you will able to get positive emotions and may experience the delight of a close encounter with touching Sika deer and deer - a deer, surprised, looking at overseas Divo - African ostriches, feed the small horses of the Yakut (the most Northern) of the breed.



Ganina Yama. Excursion to the monastery of the Royal martyrs (4 hours)

The Urals became a kind of Golgotha for the family of the last Russian Emperor. In the night from 16 to 17 July 1918 in Ekaterinburg in the house of engineer Ipatiev family of Nicholas II together with his loyal servants were executed. Abandoned mines (Ganina Yama), it was decided to dispose of those. At the end of XX century, when it was established the exact place of burial of the remains of the family of the last Russian Emperor, at Ganina Yama began to gather believers to remember the tragic events. In 2000, the family of Nicholas II was canonized.Then at the initiative of Patriarch Alexy II was decided on the construction of the monastery of the Holy Royal passion-Bearers at Ganina Yama. The monastery of the Royal passion-Bearers constructed of wood, as a symbol of the rebirth of Holy Russia. Every year on the night of 16 on July 17, thousands of the faithful make a procession from the Church on Blood in honor of All Saints resplendent in the Russian Land, the place where stood the Ipatiev house, where was murdered the Royal family, to the monastery (about 20 km).


Gastronomic tour in Zarechny (excursion to the brewery)

Dear friends, we invite you to an exciting and delicious journey on the current Ural brewery Jawsbrewery. You will learn all stages of beer production process and, of course, participate in a tasting of this drink.



The hot springs in Turinsk(280 km from Ekaterinburg, 16 hours)

The thermal complex "Baden-Baden" you will enjoy the beautiful waters of the hot mineral source, warming heat of pair, playgrounds filled with laughing children, a cozy cafe, where I like to spend time with our guests and the comfort of hotel rooms, which are so sweet to sleep. The Mission Of "Baden-Baden". To give rest to improve the quality of life of the population through rehabilitation, a broad range of amenities, comfort and warm atmosphere. The formation of culture, recreation and preservation of unique natural resources.




Zlatoust - the birthplace of Russian damask steel(300 km from Yekaterinburg, 16 hours)

Dear friends, we invite You to the homeland of the Russian Bulat – the city of Chrysostom. In Zlatoust for the first time in the world, a talented engineer and scientist by Pavel Petrovich Anosov in the early 1840s opened the secret of making Damascus steel. In the XIX century in Zlatoust formed the famous school of engraving decorated with bladed weapons. At the factory "Gunsmith" you'll learn secrets of production and engraving of knives. You will show the whole process: from the formation of the blade to the decorating of knives.As a gift weapons made in the factory, is in the collections of many famous people: the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Kazakhstan N.. Nazarbayev, the king of Saudi Arabia Abdel Aziz Fatiha.



The emerald mines of the Urals (p. Malysheva, 140 km, 9 hours)

You know what "gold rush"? Probably, I know, but its not experienced. And we offer you to plunge into the "emerald fever". You ask: "Where, after all, in the world, only three major emerald deposits in Canada, Colombia and... ? And the third in Russia, in the Sverdlovsk region, in the village of Malisheva, which is only 2 hours drive from Yekaterinburg. There are still find the emeralds: in March 2013 found a huge emerald weighing 637 grams – the largest in the last 10 years.



Irbit. Ostrich farm and the motorcycle Museum(200 km from Ekaterinburg, 11 hours)

It has been several years in the Urals grow African ostriches. During the tour you will learn many new and interesting things about this amazing bird. What is the weight of an ostrich egg? Why ostriches have such long and strong legs? Is it true that in case of danger, ostriches bury their heads in the sand? On the farm you can also meet other interesting animals: 6 rabbits breeds, sheep, Guinea fowl, chickens Indian "Brahma", turkeys, quail and other animals.



Irbit. Motorcycle Museum and art Museum

Dear visitors we welcome you in the old Ural town of Irbit, which is considered the capital of the Ural motorcycling. According to the bikers, the bike now it's not just a machine, but a kind of life style. It is said that four wheels carry the body, two wheels the soul. Irbit has Russia's only motorcycle Museum. In the Museum exhibition presents not only domestic motor vehicles heavy class starting from 40-ies of XX century, but also foreign models of the leading motorcycle companies in England, Germany, USA, Japan, 1935-1989.Irbit collection of unique — it reflects the basic tendencies of development of domestic and world motorcycle structure. At the end of the tour you will be able to take pictures on a motorcycle "Honda" and "Wolf"


Historical-ethnographic Park "Land of ancestors" (36 km from Yekaterinburg, 4 hours)

Historical-ethnographic Park "call of the wild" was created in 2014 at 36 km from Yekaterinburg on the site where was found the so-called "Ural dolmens". Who and for what purpose they built the dolmens and other megaliths in the territory of the Middle Urals?

The exposition Park will transport you to 5000 years ago and introduced to the culture and traditions of the ancient tribes! In the Museum of Ancient man have lessons on cave paintings. Finger, as did our ancestors, love drawing children and adults! In addition, master classes on manufacturing of clay vessels in the technique of corded ware, casting metal figures a sacred animal.



Kamensk-Ural'skiy. Bell plant(100 km from Yekaterinburg, 9 hours)

Dear visitors, we invite you to spend an unusual weekend in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky. You ever seen how to make bells? During our trip you will visit the first bell company in Russia, established in 1991 and see with your own eyes the whole process of making bells. The factory was established thanks to the initiative of a small group of citizens headed by Nicholas G. Pankovym. Soon the wizard learned how to cast bells have a special musicality. It is believed that a good bell, whose sound rings 8 seconds after impact.In the case of Kamenskii bells, the sound can be heard for 20 seconds. During the tour you will learn what types of bells there are, what parts of the bell. Also you can try to hit the bell to appreciate the beauty of its sound.



The dog sledding (skiing is available in Chernoistochinsk or Upper Dubrovo, or in the "Aquilon" (Chelyabinsk))

Friends, we invite you will meet wonderful dogs is the Siberian husky. The term "husky" (distorted "Eski") originally meant Eskimos. Subsequently, this name was given to eskimo husky. This is a dog with thick fur, pointed muzzle with erect ears and curved tail. When the first representatives of the Chukchi dogs arrived in North America, to distinguish it from eskimo husky they were called Siberian huskies, and this name is retained by them to this day. Dogs have a friendly nature. The kids enjoy playing and petting these dogs!



Horse complex "Novaya Yelnya" (horse + master-class in this derevenskoi blacksmith + Russia's only working windmill) , 130 km from Yekaterinburg, 8 or 12 hours

During the tour at the equestrian base of rest "the New El" you will see a mock wooden fortress with watch towers. You can climb to the ramparts. On the territory of the fortress according to the old drawings of the XIX century built a wood working mill. You will demonstrate the mechanisms of the mill. Stone millstone mill was specifically brought to the New Yelnya. They were made at least 100 - 150 years ago. During the inspection of the existing village forge you will be able to participate in the master class for metalwork.So home every tourist will be able to take away a souvenir made with your own hands.



Koptelovo. "On a visit to Baba Katya" (140 km from Ekaterinburg, 10 hours)

Dear visitors, we invite you to make an unforgettable trip to the ancient village of Koptelovo (130 km from Ekaterinburg). During the tour you will get acquainted with various aspects of the life of the Ural farmers from XVII to XIX centuries In the Museum of the history of agriculture and life of peasants not only will you be able to get a visual representation of peasant life, but the past seemed to come to life before you through the performance of the folklore group, riding in a cart with a horse, learning the traditional rustic kitchen, chat with the guide.



The Kourovka Observatory (130 km from Ekaterinburg, 11 hours) 

What secrets keep the stars in our universe? Is there extraterrestrial life? All of these issues, one way or another, each of us asked himself. How do astronomers seek answers to these universal questions? During the tour in the Kourovka Observatory you will see the star telescopes, learn how to use such a cumbersome machines you can explore the starry sky. During the tour you will be shown a solar telescope. What solar telescope different from a star? How can you learn from the Earth such a powerful light?Academic staff of Ural Federal University will be able to answer all of your questions, and if you're lucky with the weather, using the solar telescope you will see our star.


Kungur ice cave (1 day), about 300 km of Yekaterinburg, 16 hours

Dear visitors we invite you to the real Kingdom of Santa Claus – the cave (Kungur city, 280 km from Yekaterinburg)! Temperature even on the hottest days does not rise above zero. What bizarre does not accept water, freezing into stalagmites and stalactites. During the 1.5 hour journey you'll arrive in winter Wonderland.



Kungur ice cave (2 days/1 night) tour of a pottery factory with master class

Dear visitors we invite you to the real Kingdom of Santa Claus – the cave (Kungur city, 280 km from Yekaterinburg)! Temperature even on the hottest days does not rise above zero. What bizarre does not accept water, freezing into stalagmites and stalactites. During the 1.5 hour journey you'll arrive in winter Wonderland.



Carnival (or in the village of Kostino, either . Aramashevo or New Elnya)

Why you should visit the carnival?

- this village is like and know how fun and exciting to celebrate the carnival, indifferent nobody remains;

- awesome pancakes from the stove;

- professional animation program.


Miass (Museum of the Ilmen nature reserve, Museum dumplings, excursion to company, coffee roasting and tasting)

Natural science Museum is among the five largest mineralogical museums in Russia and has in the exposition one of the largest biological dioramas of the country. The Museum has the the Chelyabinsk meteor on February 15, 2013 in lake Chebarkul, 30 km from the reserve.

In the Museum of the dumpling, you will not only learn the history of favorite foods men, but also to participate in the master class on modeling.

The company "Cookie" - the largest enterprise for roasted coffee in the Urals. Only here you can taste coffee, which molwt of grains with special aromatom. Such beans are only 5% of the coffee plantations in the world!



Nevjyansk (89 km from Yekaterinburg, 8 hours)

Nevjyansk (89 km from Ekaterinburg) was founded as one of the first metallurgical centers of the Urals in 1701 Its formation is connected with the legendary breeders Nikita and Akinfiy Demidovii who have left an appreciable trace in the history and culture of the region. Nevyansk tower, built by Demidovii, is one of the most famous and interesting monuments of industrial architecture in the Urals. The peculiarity of the Leaning tower is that it is built at an angle, which it is often compared to the leaning tower of Pisa.Nevyansk tower is part of Nevyansky historical and architectural Museum, whose expositions are not only their wealth, but also the high technical design, which is a delight not only children but also adults.



Nizhniy Tagil. The tank Museum mount White(130 km from Ekaterinburg, 10 hours

Dear travelers you've ever had to get inside of the tank? If not, you are welcome to Nizhny Tagil, where the only enterprise in Russia for production of tank – Uralvagonzavod. In 2006 it was revived by the Museum of armoured technics in the hangar which lists all modifications to the tank, manufactured at the enterprise. At the end of the tour you will be able to get inside the tank of the Victory – T-34-85, and the mass of the tank of the XX century – the T-72.On the second floor of the Museum presents more than 1000 exhibits: samples of tank armor, shells, components of machines, monitoring devices and fire control system, radios and more.



Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha. The world of a Russian village (160 km from Ekaterinburg, 11 hours)

Dear visitors welcome to the world of the Russian countryside. In the Museum-reserve of wooden architecture under the open sky wood estates in the Urals XVII, XVIII, XIX centuries Many tourists striking smoke sauna XVII, all cut down three huge pine trees. Such trees are now extremely rare to find in our forests. During the tour you will learn what is "Matica", "skate", "red corner", "upper room"? Decoration of the village is the building of the Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church, built on a busy Irbitskogo tract, which connected European Russia with Siberia.Annually after Irbit fair thousands of merchants spread the word about the beautiful temple in the country.



Polevskoy (the mountain of Azov, Museum complex "Seversky blast furnace" (55 km from Yekaterinburg, the program for 9 hours)

Polevskoy breslauerstrasse mestorozhdeniya and malachite (Copper mountain). Polewski decorated with malachite halls of the Winter Palace and Versailles. In the tales of p. P. Bazhov Mistress of copper mountain it is on Polevsky plant raskryvat the secrets of masonry skill Danila-master. Nearby is the village of Suzemka where to store their wealth Grandmother-Bluish. In the village Poldnëvoye, in the vicinity of Polevskoy, in the nineteenth century found the demantoid garnet, which, including mined on the river Chrysalide.Named after the river stones the locals called "chrysolite".These stones with their hoof beats fabulous goat from the tale "Serebryanikova". On the way to sauna and BBQ had found a gold mine, which showed Ognevushka-Poskakushka.



Natural Park "Vazovskie place"(40 km from Ekaterinburg, 6 hours)

Just 40 km from Yekaterinburg undisturbed forests ringing with the pure air, special wildlife. You will see a real beaver dam and learn how this hard-working animal can drastically change the surrounding landscape. Will tell you and other inhabitants of the Park: bears, elks, wild boars. In the winter time guides will teach you to read the white paper - animal tracks left in the snow. At the end of the tour you will go to the man-made lake – talc stone, which was formed in an abandoned mine. Picturesque cliffs, clear water will not leave you indifferent.



Natural Park "Deer streams"(125 km from Ekaterinburg, 7 - 11 hours)

Dear visitors we invite you to admire the beauty of the Ural nature. While walking through the Park you will see giant pines that you can cover, perhaps, the three of us. On some of the pine trees, men hollowed out the bort – a home for wild bees. Next to the river Earring you will come to cliffs, which offer magnificent view, outlined on the horizon Bardymskogo ridge. The rocks themselves after millions of years of weathering and destruction acquired bizarre forms.Striking example of karst formations is a funnel at the "kissing rocks", or rock "Dyrovaty stone", which resembles a horse's head.



Revda. Demidov center and mount Volchikha (45 km from Ekaterinburg, 7 hours)

The Demidov dynasty made an outstanding contribution to the development of Russian industry in the XVIII - XIX centuries. the Amazing quality of Demidov metal from which in the cold you can knit the triple nodes, not just appreciated at prestigious international exhibitions. Demidovii connected with the history of many cities in the Urals: Nizhny Tagil, Nevyansk, Kasli, Pervouralsk, Revda, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Sergy, Top, Earrings, Verkhniy Tagil, Suksun.
To date, Revda, built by the order of akinfiy Demidov in 1734, the Demidov center is the only in Russia Museum complex dedicated to the well-known industrial dynasty. It was opened in 2007. The concept of "Demidov centre" was based on the idea of connection of times, which is revdinskiy ethnographer Galina Chuhlantseva. The Museum itself is located in the historical part of the town near the factory on the hill, from which opens a beautiful panoramic view of the city and Revda's ridge, the highest point of which is mount "Volchikha" (526 metres).



Sysert'. Museum of P. P. Bazhov and the natural Park "Vazovskie place"

We invite you to the birthplace of p. P. Bazhov in Sysert ' the city where the writer of the Urals was born in 1879 You will visit the House-Museum of p. P. Bazhov, who once bought the writer's father for his family. The house recreates the life of factory workers in the second half of the XIX century. Near the Museum is the factory pond, the city is surrounded by the Ural mountains. The mountain Bessonova you will be asked to go to consider a stunning panoramic view of the entire city and its surroundings. On top of the mountain features a 27-ton cast-iron cross 12 meters high, visible from afar.



Sysert'. Museum of P. P. Bazhov and porcelain factory

Sysert factory of artistic porcelain is maintaining the best traditions of the Ural in hand painted porcelain. All products refers to folk arts and crafts of Russia, this means that it is embedded in the warmth of the hands of the painters and the piece of their soul. Each piece is filled with a light and airy mood, emotions and feelings; there are no two absolutely identical paintings. The share of manual labor in the company is 90%. During the tour you will see not only how to make unique products, but also will be able to participate in the process of painting small plates!As a souvenir you will get a porcelain mug.



Tobolsk (600 km from Ekaterinburg, 2 days/2 nights)

Dear tourists, do you know that walk on red square not only in Moscow but in Siberia? We invite you during the weekend to visit the city of Tobolsk, and the eyes to see the medieval Kremlin. White stone fortress was built in the late XVII century on the high Bank of the Irtysh river, and is an Outpost in the Russian colonization of Siberia. Especially beautiful Tobolsk Kremlin with the lower part of the city, when the rays of the morning sun against the blue sky in the color pink painted scalloped walls with towers; above them rise the Golden domes of St. Sophia-assumption Cathedral.

Kholzan nursery of wild birds in the village of Kashino

The rehabilitation center of birds of prey Kholzan is engaged in rescue and treatment of birds of prey in distress, and it contains a large number of unique birds of prey (Goshawk, Kestrel, Falcon-Saker Falcon, Sparrowhawk, common Buzzard, steppe eagle, etc.), including pritzi listed in the International red book.




Chelyabinsk (ethnic nomadic peoples centre "Akvilon", candy factory, sightseeing in Chelyabinsk)

Ethnic centre for the nomads of Akvilon offers you not just pokatatsya on the husky, but also learn more about the past of their region. For groups of children is the program "Journey to the past". How did life in the southern Urals in ancient times? Guys see carefully recreated everyday objects and military Affairs, will be able to try yourself in the role of an ancient craftsman and warrior. During the master class a master caster with ancient equipment will show the process of the birth of the sparkling weapons and beautiful jewelry.Will also be given the opportunity to shoot a real bow (kids 7 years and only under the supervision of an instructor), skee-spears, battle with swords and to participate in other interesting events of ancient warriors.


Devil's Fort: a walk in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg natural monument

Chertovo Gorodisheis one of the most impressive cliffs in the middle Urals. The most interesting to visit in conjunction with their much less known "younger brother" – rocks, where ancient metallurgical production and the sanctuary of the I Millennium BC – I Millennium BC.




Nevjyansk. It will be interesting to visit one of the first metallurgical centers in the Urals. Here you can look at "the Ural leaning tower of Pisa" – Nevyansk tower, built by the legendary breeders Demidovii. The building stands at an angle, like its famous Italian "brother".

On tour in Nizhniy Tagil you can be on the inside of the tank. Here runs the country's only enterprise producing this species of military equipment – Uralvagonzavod. In the local Museum presents the modifications to the tank and more than a thousand exhibits.


Verkhotur'e was founded in the late sixteenth century, is considered the spiritual center of the Urals and Siberia. Here are concentrated the major religious sites:

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral, included in the list of the most outstanding architectural monuments of the world;
  • Holy cross Cathedral – the third largest temple in Russia;
  • Pokrovsky monastery, where the relics of St. Cosmas of Verkhoturye.


Ganina Yama - davagna for believers Ural Shrine. There, on a place of detection of remains of the last Russian Emperor, today stands the monastery. It is visited by many pilgrims to honor the memory of Nicholas II and his family.


The 6 most original tours


Bus tours of the Urals will acquaint everyone with the rural way of life. Want to participate in a real Russian festivities? Depending on the season to carnival and to celebrate Easter or to celebrate the day of Ivan Kupala? Then welcome to the village Aramashevo! Tourists expect not only a national celebration, but also a tasting of 10 cheeses.

Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha - is a world of a Russian village. Here under the open sky, the Museum-reserve of wooden architecture. Among its exhibits – estate of Ural of XVII–XIX centuries. to See these unique structures will help the tour from Ekaterinburg.


In Kamensk-Ural'skiy you will be able to strike a real bell. Guests will visit the first bell company in Russia and learn how to make the bell. Will finish the route riding on a boat on the river Iset.

Who has not dreamed to watch the stars through a real telescope?! This desire will be on tour in the Kourovka Observatory, running 130 km from Yekaterinburg. Perhaps you accidentally open a new planet. Or see "Tesla" Elon musk, hovering somewhere in infinite space.

About the bus tours from Ekaterinburg long remember our excursionists they have a story to tell. It is not only breathtaking discoveries, but also fascinating workshops. One of the most popular organized at Sredneuralskaya confectionery factory "9 Islands". Pupils of grades 1-11 with their hands doing delicious cakes. The resulting products children take home to entertain family.


The emerald mines of the Urals equally interesting trip is the village of Malyshev. You will feel like a real isoprothiolane, when the Mariinsky dumps field will try to find the gems. And on master class on stone-cutting factory, you can process Urals stone and do a little souvenir.


6 minutes of the natural world

Bus tours give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the magnificent Russian nature. While traveling Hang in you will not only visit the Museum of Mamin-Sibiryak, but also visit the reindeer farm. In addition to Sika deer and red deer live there, horses and ostriches. Winter tour program is complemented by skating sledding with huskies.

Healing hot springs in Turinsk will help to overcome many illnesses, from bronchitis to sciatica. The water temperature here is 37 degrees. Soak in her, going in bus tour from Ekaterinburg, will be able and adults and children.


Kungur. Be warmed in a hot source, in a week you can be in the Kingdom of cold and ice. In the cave even in July is warmer than 0 degrees.


The Ural district is famous for its natural parks. This will help to make sure bus tours of the Urals. "Bajovski areas", located in 40 km from Ekaterinburg, you can walk in pristine forests. Tourists will see these beaver dams and learn how to "read" animal footprints.


Deer streams. Majestic nature awaits the guests and in this nature Park. Growing giant pine hard girth three. And from the rocks by the river, the Earring is open, which has no equal anywhere.


Very close to Yekaterinburg to explore the Hell out. So kindly people called the rock of devil's Fort. Year round training the climbers and the hikers.

Where to learn more


The tour of the Ural from Yekaterinburg begins on the website Rusgo.ru. Here you can choose and book their trips. Here is the schedule of upcoming trips and cost:

  • price starts from 1 thousand 350 rbl. on 1 person;
  • three-day routes with accommodation in hotel cost about 10 thousand rubles per 1 person;
  • groups from 10 people, as well as children and pensioners – discounts.

Bus tours from Ekaterinburg need to take a camera and a snack on the road. Don't forget your money to buy Souvenirs. You need to dress for the weather in comfortable clothing and shoes. You joyful and exciting adventure!

For more information and prices of tour programs, please сontact:


+7 (343) 271-06-76 

+7 (982) 717-06-76.