Welcome to Russia and Ekaterinburg!
Contact phone: +7 343 271 06 76
E-mail: info@rusgo.ru
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Dear travellers!


Our contacts:

50-6.02, Sulimova Street, Ekaterinburg, 620137, Russia.
Phone /fax (+7 343) 216-51-63(62)
e-mail: info@rusgo.ru

Reference number (for tourist invitations) - MBT 000074.

You are welcome at the incoming travel agency “ProfService”. We would like to thank you for taking interest in our company that specializes in the tourist services for foreign citizens visiting Ekaterinburg. All services are provided on a turn-key basis. It means that all aspects of organizing a trip are thoroughly seen to and solved.

The experienced multilingual members of the company are experts in International and Consular Law, in sightseeing tours organization, as well as in translation and interpretation. With a friendly attitude and attention to quality our staff provides foreign tourists with professional assistance in passing all the visa-procedures, booking an accommodation in a hotel, as well as with organizing nonstandart excursions and assisting in translations and interpretations.

Call us, write to us and come to our office.